Young Living Essential Oils Aspirations Inc. Counselling & Training Centre

Young Living is a Muli-Level Marketing company founded in 1993 offering essential oils and other related products. When you join with my team, I'll show you EVERYTHING you need to start your business and teach others. But I always find it amusing that they can't readily admit that their products and company has flaws like any company does. We offer our space to build your business and to hold events promoting Young Living Products.

One you get your starter kit, start using the oils. But just to be clear…when you become a wholesale member of Young Living and buy the starter kit, it doesn't mean that you have to pursue the business side of things. They have set the standards, they have scoured the world for the best oils, they employ or partner with amazing teams of scientists, EO experts, growers, distillers, and doctors.

You can work with family and friends - and get to meet new people all the time with the same purpose of helping others and teaching about a non-toxic lifestyle. There are many ways to do this, including social media, blogs, teaching simple intro classes to groups of 4-6 people at your home or at a coffee shop, having make & take classes where people get to try the oils themselves, etc.

I used them to make my own household cleaners, DIY beauty products, and so much more ( check out my tutorials and recipes on how to use essential oils here ). I found that I saved so much money by making my own products AND cut out toxic chemicals lurking in my home.

3) You can start a blog and make a landing page that explains why you love oils and how they can join you in spreading the word. I'm also buying toothpaste, shampoo, soap, cleaning products - there are so many great Young Living products that fit in our clean living lifestyle.

Distributors have to buy about $100 worth of merchandise per month in order to receive commissions on their Young Living sales, according ton the New Yorker, and 94% of the company's two million active members made less than $1 each in all of 2016. Considering that you would have to buy these products monthly, it is virtually impossible to even break even, let alone make profits.

This is a great way to build your team and cover the costs of the Young Living Young Living products you enjoy each month. Like most of the best MLM companies , Young Living started out as a real brick and mortar business. Achieve leadership ranks and get shares of 6% monthly commissionable sales made by the company.

Just take a look at EO topics on Pinterest: Lose weight!” Fight Cancer!” The complete list of Ingestible YL Oils!” Etc. Young Living has a ton of products available based around essential oils. Then I started working the business and all I knew was that if I enrolled a new member with a Premium Starter Kit I would make $50.

I cannot honestly begin to share my full knowledge of essential oils until after the six months mentioned in the clause of the membership agreement. The regularly outrageous claims made by some essential oil companies and distributors is not only misleading but wrongfully preys upon desperate people.

That is true, but I feel it's important to note that these products are for your own personal use, not products that you must buy and then sell like some other MLM's require. You joined Young Living because you were interested in essential oils as a safe, natural alternative for your family.

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